Self Defence for Freshers

Self defence is all about practicality, using simple common sense, awareness of environment, making good choices and where necessary some physical techniques.

So all in all a  great start to the new academic year with a number of new students joining us in the first few weeks with a focus on building confidence and teaching some basic self defence techniques.

Moving on to teach the basics of our style of jiu jitsu and some more interesting techniques to round off the introductory sessions.

We look forward to further working with the students, making them aware of the potential dangers of new places and dark / late nights, and teaching them how to respond in various situations.


Thursday 18th October 2012

  • Warm-up
  • Breakfalling
  • Mae Geri (front Kick)
  • Ko Uchi Gari from a kick (Minor Inner Reap)
  • O Uchi Gari from a kick (Major Inner Reap)
  • Ground Defences
  • Grab Defence – grab from front you have arms free. Defend with kidney strike, turn head and Ko Uchi Gake (Minor Inner Stamp / prop)


Tuesday 16th October 2012

Tonights Session – Theme Movement and Balance

  • movement, stance and balance,
  • breakfalling
  • O Soto Waza (Major Outer Technique)
  • O Soto Gari (Major OUter Reap)
  • senior grades practise with resistance / non compliance
    • O Soto Gari (blocking to outside)
    • O Soto Otoshi
    • O Soto Guruma
  • lower grades
    • kuzushi (balance breaking)
    • Ko Soto Waza (Minor Outer Technique)
  • all
  • bottle defences
  • Gyaku ude juji gatame (reverse cross arm hold)

Tuesday 9th & Thursday 11th October 2012

Topics covered this week.

  • warmup
  • breakfalling
  • movement, blocking & taking balance – emphasis on dynamic movement and flowing technique, with no / little strength
  • Knife defences using
    • Kote Mawashi (Wrist Outer Turn)
    • Kote Gaeshi (Wrist Twist)
  • Throwing
    • Koshi Guruma (Hip Wheel)
    • O Goshi (Major Hip)
    • O Soto Waza (Major Outer Technique)
    • O Soto GAri (Major Outer Reap)
  • Dangerous Parts Kata to the head (steps 1-8 … temples, bridge of nose, eyes, mastoids, septum, jaw, carotid artery, windpipe/adams apple)

Tuesday 2nd October 2012

  • Warmup
  • Breakfalling
  • Downhand bottle disarm
  • Backhand bottle disarm
  • Armlock #1 (Gyaku Ude Juji Gatame) from down hand
  • Armlock #2 (Ude Juji Gatame) from backhand bottle
  • Transition from Armlock #2 to Armlock #5 (Ude Garame) and walk to ground then disarm. (NOTE NORMALLY DONT USE THROWING TECHNIQUES WITH BOTTLES but this illustrates a transition and application direct from the armlock kata (sequence 1,2,3,4,1,2,5,6,7,5,8)
  • Wrist Lock #4 (Kote Dori) from stab to face followed by disarm and takedown with Ko Soto Gake (Minor Outer Stamp/Prop)

Great training tonight and don’t forget the Nationals are fast approaching, so give Ed (Social Sec) your details.

Also SU card numbers are required so pass these on to Tom (Captain)

Tuesday 25th & Thursday 27th September 2012

Welcome to the new academic year, and the new dojo.

Training this week covered

  • Break-falling
  • Movement
  • Blocking (inside and outside, two handed and cross clock
  • front strangle defence
  • wrist releases
  • bottle defences – down hand and backhand
  • Mae Geri (front kicki)
  • O Uchi Waza (Major Inner Technique)
  • O Uchi Waza (Major Outer Technique)
  • Ko Soto Waza (Minor Outer Technique)

Tuesday 3rd April

*There will be NO Training this Thursday due to the Easter exodus from

Last nights session:

Strikes – Stright Punch, Reverse Punch & Elbow
Front Kick
Partner work, looking at timing
Reaction Training
Basic Kata

Training will resume after the easter break on Tuesday 8th April

Tuesday 27th March

PLEASE NOTE – There will be no session this Thursday 29th March 2012.

Training summary -Techniques covered
Break Falling
O Soto Waza Variation
ippon seo-naga
Kote Dori
Ko Soto Gari
Koshi Guruma
Strikes – Gyaku Tsuki, reverse punch

Training next Tuesday as normal