Freshers Fayre 21st September 2013

This Saturday  is the annual Freshers Fayre at WInchester University.

This is a great opportunity for all students (new and old) to check out what WInchester SU has to offer.

We will be manning a stand, so pop along to see us, say Hi, and have a chat – yo never know we may even persuade you to join us at a training session.

29th June 2013

Congratulations to all who graded.



  • Rod Munn,
  • Martyn Kingsbury,
  • Alan Chappell


  • Maria        Bedford
  • Sam.         Bedford
  • Mike B.     Thatcham
  • Mike D.     Basingstoke
  • Tom B.     Winchester

Thanks to all the Uke’s assisting.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 20th April – Bedford 10th Anniversary training and social…..

Saturday 27th April – Basingstoke Fight Club (and no you can’t talk about it)

Saturday 27th April – Keele Course at Keele University

Tuesday 7th May – return to training at WInchester 🙂

Easter Break 2013

Term finishes on 5th April and resumes on 7th May.

The last training session of this term will be on Thursday 4th April, and we will resume on Tuesday 7th May 2013.

Thanks for training with us, and enjoy your break. We look forward to seeing you on the mat next term.

If there is sufficient interest and the dojo is booked then we can run sessions, however these will be on request during the easter break.

When not teaching Sensei Gary and I will be training at Basingstoke, where you will of course be made welcome.

During the break, there is training at many of the other association clubs and also 3 noteworthy events.

  • 20th April – Bedford Aiuchi 10 year Anniversary
  • 27th April – Keele course
  • 27th April – Basingstoke FIght Club.

2nd March 2013

Grading - March 2013

Sensei Jimmy Slaughter, the Punishers and the Victims……

Grading Panel 

Sensei Jimmy Slaughter

assisted by Senseis Bale, Bond, Harrop, Hunter, Schuster.

Venue : Basingstoke Dojo.

Clubs Attending : Basingstoke and WInchester


    Ed P. (Winchester)
    Richard V. (Basingstoke)
    Tom B. (Winchester)
II    Alice (Winchester)
II    Sam (Basingstoke)
      Jawa (Winchester)
      Nick (Winchester)
II    Maki (Winchester)
 I    Chloe (Winchester)
      Geoff (Basingstoke)
      Laura (Basingstoke)
      Mark (Basingstoke)
      Martin (Basingstoke)
      Richard S. (Basingstoke)
      Sundip (Basingstoke)

13th December 2012

Grading to Red Belt at Winchester (Club Session)

Many Thanks to Sensei Nat (Basingstoke) for running the session and grading for us.


Congratulations to Chloe, Maki and Nick who have successfully passed their red belt grading.

24th November 2012

Grading  for Purple and Blue Belt at Swindon

Grading Panel    

  • Martyn Kingsbury
  • Alan Chappell


  • Hannah Hawker       Blue Belt
  • Rowan Lonsdale       Blue Belt

In addition another 2 Blue Belts (London Dojo) and 5 Green Belts (Thatcham & Keele Dojo’s) were awarded.

Congratulations to all taking part.

Academic Year 2012

The academic year 2012/2013 has got off to a great start, with enthusiastic new faces and also the return of the good folks from last year – all fit and healthy and motivated to train hard.

The new venue (Dance Studio) is working out well, with the sprung floor, making landing a ‘softer’ experience and the mirrored wall helping to give a brighter training environment. Oh and the acoustics are much better too.

Looking forward to the next few sessions 🙂

Saturday Sessions 2012

Earlier on in the year, we let you know that there would be a new set of Saturday training dates published for the Basingstoke Dojo and we finally have them. This year there will be sessions taught by Senseis Neil, Rich, Jimmy and Natalie in addition to the fight-club sessions and such from Stu and Luke. The first of these sessions will be held on Sat March 24th and will be taught by Neil.

Our aim is to focus on different topics in each of these Saturday sessions, so that they complement your regular mid-week training. If you have a particular area you would like covered feel free to ask (we may not decide to cover it but you may as well ask! 😉 ). Neil will send out details of his session soon.

Here are a list of all the booked Saturdays for this year to put in your diaries:

24th March

14th April

12th May

19th May – National training event at Basingstoke 12pm start.

16th June

7th July

28th July
18th Aug

22nd Sep

20th Oct

3rd/4th Nov – Nationals, Bedford Uni.

17th Nov

8th Dec

As always the sessions are open to Southern clubs – Thatcham, Winchester, etc.. The more, the merrier!