24th November 2012

Grading  for Purple and Blue Belt at Swindon

Grading Panel    

  • Martyn Kingsbury
  • Alan Chappell


  • Hannah Hawker       Blue Belt
  • Rowan Lonsdale       Blue Belt

In addition another 2 Blue Belts (London Dojo) and 5 Green Belts (Thatcham & Keele Dojo’s) were awarded.

Congratulations to all taking part.

Congratulations – Thursday 9th February 2012 ……. GRADING

Congratulations to those who successfully graded last night (9th February 2012).

A good performance all round, with some very good action in the Vs.

Thanks to Sensei Richard for putting you through your paces, and a big thanks to Luke, Rowan and Hannah for putting their bodies on the line in the name of your enjoyment.

Belts will be presented at the next session, so come along to training and wear them with pride.


Grading date 09 / 02 / 2012
Grading panel. Sensei Richard Harrop
Grading assistants Dave Hunter & Gary Schuster


Alex. Yellow
Michael. Yellow
Alice. Yellow I
Jim. Yellow I (Basingstoke)
Rob. Yellow II (Basingstoke)
Stephen. Yellow II
Ed. Yellow III
Abs. Orange II
Tom. Orange III

5th March 2011

Grading Panel

  • Bryn Edwards-Jones
  • Assistants
    • Dave Hunter, Gary Schuster, Natalie Brown, Neil Brown, Paul Williamson,
    • Richard Down, Richard Harrop, Stu Bond

20 students grading in total from Winchester (11) Basingstoke (7) & Thatcham (2)

Many Thanks to Basingstoke for hosting the grading.

Winchester Results


  • Callum Richards
  • Nicola Shearing


  • Abdullah Al-Khalifah (YIII)
  • Dave Moore (YIII)
  • Sarah Leach (YII)
  • Thomas Bijok (YII)
  • Harry Bulman (YI)
  • Carl Panteny (Y)
  • Adam Hope (Y)
  • Scott Bristow (Y)


  • Alexander Findlay (R)

18th December 2009

Grading Panel: Richard Harrop & Natalie Brown


  • Nicky Shearing (OII)
  • Sarah Hands  (O)

  • Yellow

  • Catherine Watson  (YIII)
  • Stacey Shaw  (YIII)
  • Rosie Presland (II)
  • Emma Sincock  (YI)
  • Martin Srivell (YI) (Basingstoke)
  • Lee   (Y) (Basingstoke)
  • Jon Roke  (Y)
  • John Wiseman   (Y)

  • Red

  • Dave  Moore
  • Kudzi  Chiwawa
  • Thomas  Fraser Lawrie
  • 11th December 2008

    Grading Panel: Bryn Edwards-Jones & Neil Brown


      • Kevin Massey (Thatcham)


      • Jim Taylor (YIII) (Basingstoke)
      • Sam Morrow (YIII) (Basingstoke)
      • Nicky Shearing (YI)
      • Caroline Gawley (Y)
      • Rosie Simmonds (Y)
      • Sara Hands (Y)


      • Stacey Shaw
      • Emma Sincock
      • Catherine Watson
      • Rosie Presland